I have been and continue to be fascinated by the colors and brilliance of empty landscapes, be they in a desert or the middle of Manhattan. My work seeks to illuminate the overlooked regality and fragility of desolate terrain.

The images from Western Nebraska hold a particular fascination for me; the weather there is harsh and violent. It has carved its intensity on the land. I find the austere beauty of the high plains at once both isolating and sustaining. Its drama and subtle, sad beauty are what I try to capture in my photography.

My work is about memories of the land and of the void. Stark elements stand out against the empty prairie, evoking death and transition.

As urban populations grow and rural ones shrink, the lack of human presence is becoming more evident. The middle of the country is turning back to the vast frontier it once was. Some relics of habitation remain. These images reflect this absence.

The alternative process images have a texture that adds elements of an intimate, tactile experience.

Traveling through large landscapes as a child, the car window became my frame, a cinematic viewfinder.

And like moving pictures, this work has a sense of impermanence, of fleeting memory.